Friday, May 25, 2012

Patience Finally Pays Off

I found out this afternoon that the state of Colorado 1940 census and a few other states have been completely indexed on Family Search  for free.  So I entered my uncle's name - Jack A Carson expecting a hit.  Sixteen possible hits were displayed.  Not one of them was the Jack A Carson that I was wanting to find.  However there was a John Tex Carson with the correct wife's name and the correct children's name on the report.  Could this be my uncle?   Well.......maybe.... 

Questions...  Why did my uncle change his name in the first place?   Why is the name on the marriage application different from the name on the census?  My search for answers continues.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Other 1940 Census Surprises

When you do not know the street address where your relatives were living in 1940 you will have to wait until the 1940 census is fully indexed to locate them.  However sometimes you get lucky.  My cousin Joanne decided to check a small community close to where our family was living in 1930.  On page 19 of 33 ED # 101-49 Harris County Texas of the 1940 census she found my uncle Leroy A Hugonin 34, single, a chicken farmer, and my father Arthur Elsworth Hugonin (Leroy A Hugonin's youngest brother) 18, a farmers helper, living in the same household.   And on page 22 of 33 ED # 101-49 was my grandfather Lewis Alexander Hugonin (62) head of household,  grandmother Bessie Bell Myers Hugonin (60), and Bessie Mae Hugonin (16) their daughter.